5AM Provisions, Inc.
Amaranth is the future of food and beauty. It's the best time in history to start your own business using amaranth product. Why? Because social media enables you to reach more people than ever before and because consumers want to purchase products that are good for them and the planet.

Fill out this survey to start or grow your own amaranth business.
This survey consists of three short sections:

Section 1 asks you about your background and experience.

Section 2 focuses on your product and the business you want to build.

Section 3 is about us as a company and your opinion on how we fit within the market.

Section 1 | Your background

What's your name?

First and last name.
Where do you live?

City and country (if outside the US).
Have you started a business before?

Have you recently purchased our products? *

How would you rate your social media experience? *

How would you rate your marketing experience?

How would you rate your graphic design/branding experience?

Art work, design, copy writing, photography, etc.

And how likely are you going to invest your time and money to starting your own business within the next 2 weeks? *

Section 2 | Your product, your business

Do you want to build a product based of Popped Amaranth or Amaranth Oil? *

Tell us more about your product.

Have you already developed it? Want kind of product is it? Please be as detailed as possible.
Have you already registered your business?

What's your company's name?

Say N/A if you don't have one yet.
Summarize your product and company. *

Tell us your story, why you are starting a business, why you are making your products, how far are you in (product developed? business established? do you have customers? etc.) and anything else you want to tell us.
Section 3 | 5AM Consulting & You

No matter where you are, established business or no business, with a developed product or no developed product, we are going to be able to help you take your business off the ground and help you realize your goals and dreams. If you are successful, we are successful.
Tell us what we can do for you *

Great! We got everything we need to set up a call or meeting to discuss how we can take your business to the next step.

We do require a $100 one-time payment, which is nonrefundable. This ensures us that you are serious about your plans and are ready to work with us.

Please click on yes if you are ready to work with us and we will send you a link for the payment.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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